Our expert team is highly skilled at empathizing with consumers to uncover drivers, needs and behaviours. These are reported in unique storytelling ways so that our clients gain insight, clarity and direction that inspires them to take action.

More than ever it is essential that consumers be heard and deeply understood both as individuals and communities.  Through properly executed qualitative practices and ad-hoc quantitative designs conducted by highly seasoned researchers and human specialists, insight and action is achieved

Lydia Zorn | President – Qualitative Expert


We are a boutique market research firm focused on delivering best practice Research, Knowledge and Strategy. For thirty years we have worked with leading retail, tourism and consumer products clients to help them better understand market dynamics, leverage business opportunities, and develop sound marketing strategies.


Specializing in Tourism, Retail and Strategic Brand Insights we take pride in our client list, working with many leading companies and brands.


We work in partnership with our clients to determine the most appropriate research design which will best deliver on their unique objectives. We are involved in projects from the design stage, fieldwork capture (both quantitative and qualitative), strategic analysis and reporting.


What Our Clients Say

Testimonials from our standing clients

”Insignia’s analysis and recommendations have directly led to the development and launch of our new and enhanced global brand strategy.”

Malraj Kiriella

Malraj Kiriella

Director Research & International Affairs

”We were very impressed by the work conducted by Insignia. Their analysis and recommendations were greatly appreciated and will go a long way to launching our new programme.”

Peter Nash

Peter Nash

Head of Strategy Development

“The global brand positioning assessment Insignia led is grounded in the most thoughtful and insightful research I have ever come across in my two decades working in tourism planning roles.”

Richard Porges

Richard Porges

Director - Research, Planning and Evaluation

“Lydia is an exceptional qualitative researcher and strategist. She has a deep respect for the value of qualitative research, which comes across in her work. My experience attending an ethnographic interview with Lydia was incredibly eye- opening, and I was impressed by the way that Lydia was able to elucidate complex cultural and emotional issues in an unobtrusive way. Because of her expertise and skill, we were able to gain a unique perspective on a subject that has not been much explored. I would recommend Lydia in a heartbeat!”

Hoda Soltani

Hoda Soltani

Provincial Project Manager, Dairy Farmers of Canada

“Insignia has worked with our company and our brands on a number of fronts — positioning, communication strategy and execution, and innovation. I’ve had the pleasure of working with them from strategy all the way through tactical communication development, and the work that we did has been successful in market. Lydia has a fantastic strategic sensibility/instinct to know right away what will and won’t work before she even starts talking to consumers, and her ability to get value, depth and true insight out of consumers is unparalleled in my experience. Simply put, she gets more out of consumers than anyone I have worked with. She is the first call I make, and I save all my toughest projects for Insignia, including our flagship brands that matter the most. Lydia is easy to work with, is unflappable, and is a true partner that always goes above and beyond. I highly recommend Insignia and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Simon Truyens

Simon Truyens

Consumer and Customer Insights Manager

“Harlequin has worked with Insignia extensively for over 19 years! Lydia’s strategic mindset and ability to uncover incredibly deep insights that can drive business change is unmatched. She’s the person I trust the most on my business and I turn to her for my most important business needs. Insignia has recently worked with us for 4 years on a major business strategy and brand-positioning project. Their dedication, passion for our business, quality of work and deep consumer insights have been pivotal in guiding our decisions on a major North American business re-launch with global implications and an evolved brand strategy. We couldn’t have done this without them!”

Farah Mullick

Farah Mullick

Senior Director, Global Series Marketing, N.A. Retail and Digital

“Insignia provides a level of insight into research and strategy that is difficult to match. Working with her validates why I go to her for her specialization in qualitative research and actionable strategic output.”

Robert Hall

Robert Hall

VP Marketing Strategy and Activation, Sapient Nitro

“Insignia has been an invaluable partner for strategic brand and communications positioning insights and consulting. Not only have they helped prioritize and optimize positioning options, but by digging deeper with consumers and stakeholders, they have uncovered new insights that identified valuable new positioning territories.”

Isaac Chernin

Isaac Chernin

Senior Manager Search & UX, Digital Commerce, The Hershey Company

Our Clients

We take great pride in who we work with and approach all of our engagements with clients in partnership.


E-Commerce / Retail


Our Team of Human Experts

David Thexton

CEO - Ad-hoc Quantitative Expert

Lydia Zorn

President – Qualitative Expert

Luna Yee

Vice President - Ad-hoc Quantitative Expert

Liam Thexton

Research Associate, Data Analyst (Youth Market)

Dr. Marc Tyrrell

Social & Cultural Anthropologist